Education Committee Discusses Cutting Costs

Montgomery, AL – The Governor's Commission on Education Spending met Friday in Montgomery to discuss cost cutting measures for Alabama's K-through-12 schools in 2004-2005.
At today's meeting, state superintendent Ed Richardson told the Commission about some of the cost cutting suggestions he'll make to the state school board next week. They include .... shorter school days with only required classes for some school systems ... charging fees for non-required classes such as theatre, band and art ... and increasing class sizes by an average of 1-point-5 pupils. Schools would get to decide which suggestions they implement.
The 4-point-2 billion dollar education budget was only cut 10 million dollars from last year, thanks to 75 million dollars in one-time federal funding. Next year, education officials predict more drastic measures as they face a shortfall of 285 million dollars.
The Governor's Commission on Education Spending was appointed to study the matter, and is scheduled to release its recommendations in early December.