Former Governor Albert Brewer Dies at 88

Jan 3, 2017

Albert Brewer, 47th Governor of Alabama
Credit Alabama Department of Archives

Former Alabama Governor Albert Brewer has died at the age of 88.

Brewer was known for reshaping Alabama’s public education system during a fill-in term as governor after the death of Lurleen Wallace, then championing constitutional reform as an elder statesman of Alabama politics.

Current Alabama Governor Robert Bentley released a statement yesterday saying the state had lost a great leader.

Wayne Flynt, an expert in Southern history at Auburn University, calls Brewer “the only governor we had who ever came close to being a ‘New South’ governor.”

Brewer brought a low-key and businesslike style to the office of governor that was dramatically different from George Wallace, the outspoken segregationist who had his wife elected while pursuing a presidential campaign.