Gov. Ivey Taking More Steps to Prevent Jail Food Fund Misuse

Aug 20, 2018

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says the state comptroller has updated an agreement with county sheriffs to end a practice allowing them to pocket state money left over from inmate food programs. reports starting next month, the affidavit that county sheriffs must sign will contain new language clarifying the use of jail food funds.

It states the sheriffs must agree funds will only be spent on "preparing food, serving food and other services incident to the feeding of prisoners." The old version didn't specify use of funds.

State Auditor Jim Ziegler says the move could cause issues. Critics argue only the Legislature can change how such funds are spent.

Last month, Governor Ivey told State Comptroller Kathleen Baxter to stop paying the food service allowance directly into sheriffs' personal bank accounts.