Governor Kay Ivey Has Raised One Million Dollars for Unannounced Gubernatorial Campaign

Sep 5, 2017

 Governor Kay Ivey has raised $1 million for her still unannounced gubernatorial campaign.     A campaign finance report showed that Ivey's gubernatorial campaign committee has gathered the donations for the 2018 race.   

 Ivey, a Republican, has not yet announced that she plans to run for governor in 2018. However, she has begun raising money and created a campaign committee and related nonprofit. Both are signs that she intends to run.

    Ivey, who had been the state's lieutenant governor, was catapulted to the governor's office in April with the resignation of Governor Robert Bentley.    She is not the only gubernatorial contender raising money. Campaign finance reports show Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, who has announced he is running for governor, has $827,491 cash on hand.