Healthcare Advocates Warn of Medicare Cuts

Apr 28, 2017

Those receiving Medicare coverage in Alabama could see their benefits cut soon.

A federally-appointed oversight committee called the Independent Payment Advisory Board is tasked with reducing Medicare spending. The board is due to release a report, possibly by April 30, that could result in over $1 billion in Medicare cuts nationally.

Mary Grealy is the President and CEO of the Healthcare Leadership Council. She says there are over a million Medicare beneficiaries at risk in Alabama, but the biggest impact could be on the state’s doctors.

“Because right now they’re already paid much less under Medicare than they are under private insurance. And the more their payments are reduced, the more difficult it is for them to take Medicare patients and to keep their doors open.”

Grealy says there is currently a bipartisan effort underway in Congress to try and prevent the cuts. For more information, you can visit the Healthcare Leadership Council initiative website at