Huntsville Officials Approve Using Taxpayer Money to Defend Officer in Murder Trial

Aug 13, 2018

A city in north Alabama has approved the use of taxpayer money to pay legal expenses for a police officer charged in the death of an armed man police say was suicidal. reports the Huntsville City Council voted unanimously late last week to cover the defense of 25-year-old Huntsville Police Officer William Darby.

Darby was indicted earlier this month on a murder charge in the shooting of 49-year-old Jeffrey Parker.

Police say Darby shot Parker after responding April 3 to a report of an armed, suicidal man. Police say Parker didn't follow commands to drop his weapon.

The department cleared Darby of wrongdoing, but Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard expressed concerns and sent the case to a grand jury.

The council also voted to cap initial defense expenses to $75,000.

Darby is currently on paid administrative leave.