Jefferson Co. Man Confesses to 2014 Murder, AL Makes Strong Showing at RNC Convention

Jul 19, 2016

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) at 2016 Republican National Convention

Authorities say a Jefferson County man who had been a longtime suspect in his wife's disappearance recently confessed to her killing and led police to her remains.

Records show 43-year-old Joseph Poe III was arrested Friday on unrelated charges. On Saturday, Chief Deputy Randy Christian says Poe told Tarrant police he needed to talk to a detective concerning Paula Anne Worcester's disappearance.

Police say Poe admitted to fatally shooting Worcester, who was reported missing by her sister in July 2014. They say Poe told detectives he'd left her body in a wooded area in Trafford, about 35 miles north of Birmingham.

Police say skeletal remains were found where Poe said they'd be. Charges are expected to be filed pending positive identification of the remains.

Members of the Alabama Republican Party are set to cast their ballots with the GOP convention currently underway in Cleveland.

The event where Donald Trump is expected to be announced as the Republican candidate for President is underway. One of last night’s speakers to address the delegates was Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Alabama GOP Chairwoman Terry Lathan says that among the delegates and Sessions the state of Alabama will be represented well…

“Senator Jeff Sessions, who is the delegation chairman, he is very high up in the Trump campaign, working with Mr. Trump very closely as an advisor. So Alabama is in a great place for the convention to be represented.”

Lathan says she is excited about the opportunity to bring back true conservatism to America and that Alabama will play a major role in that decision on November the 8th.

Alabama is one of the best states in the nation when it comes to pain management for cancer patients.

That’s according to a new report from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the University of Wisconsin. Alabama was one of 13 states to receive an A for its pain management policies and legislation.

David Woodmansee is with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. He says with the state’s growing opiate addiction problem, lawmakers have to strike a delicate balance between allowing effective pain management and discouraging abuse.

“You know, legislators are not out to harm cancer patients in this regard. They’re trying to deal with a crisis. But at the same time, we have to remind them that unintended consequences do sometimes occur, and it can impede patients’ access to prescription medications.”

For more information on pain management policies in Alabama and nationwide, visit the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network website.

The Alabama State Capitol will be illuminated in blue this week to honor law enforcement officers across the country.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley made that announcement yesterday. It comes in response to the shooting deaths of three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and five in Dallas, Texas. Governor Bentley released a statement saying he was, "troubled and truly heartbroken to hear of yet another act of senseless violence."

The blue cast on the Capitol began last night and will continue through Friday night.