Judge won’t recuse in Democratic Party dispute

Nov 14, 2019

Credit Mickey Welsh / Montgomery Advertiser

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A Montgomery judge is refusing to step aside in a lawsuit over who is in control of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Circuit Judge Greg Griffin on Thursday said he will not recuse.

State Rep. Chris England and Nancy Worley both say they are the properly elected party chair.

Defendants had asked Griffin to resign because of longstanding ties to party officer Joe Reed who supports Worley.

The party’s board had been divided between a reform faction and a group loyal to Reed and Worley.

Worley had filed a lawsuit seeking to stop members of the party’s governing party’s board from meeting to elect a new leader. Griffin blocked the meeting, but the Alabama Supreme Court overturned the decision.

England was elected party chair. Worley does not recognize his election.