Justice Storytellers Event Tonight in Montgomery

Jul 16, 2018

Those in Montgomery today can hear the personal accounts of people who have dedicated their lives to social justice.

The event Storytellers: How I Became Justice Involved is being held tonight by the Middle District of Alabama Federal Defenders Program. It’s scheduled on the birthday of Robin “Rocky” Myers, a death row inmate in Alabama who many believe was wrongly convicted. Advocates are hoping to raise awareness of Myers’s case while also sharing their own work on social justice issues.

Kacey Keeton is an assistant federal defender in Alabama’s Middle District. She says it means a lot for people to hear stories of activism from people a lot like them.

“I think it’s incredibly empowering to realize that, you know, your next-door neighbor, the guy down the street, the girl down the street is standing up and saying something and effecting change.”

Keeton hopes that message will encourage more people to become involved with social justice issues in their communities.

Tonight’s event begins at 6 pm at the Resurrection Catholic School Auditorium in Montgomery with a Q&A session to follow.

Storytellers include Alan Cross, a Southern Baptist minister and immigration rights activist; Ryan Lenz, an investigative reporter with the Southern Poverty Law Center; Kerry Myers, who served 30 years in Louisiana's Angola Prison on a murder conviction; Jan Risher, a columnist and PR professional from Mississippi; and David Sadler, a Montgomery man known for creative protests.