Lawmakers Hope to Weaken Lt. Gov. Post

Jan 20, 2018

Alabama Governor's Mansion, Montgomery, Ala.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is clashing with some state lawmakers over a proposal to significantly alter the position of lieutenant governor.

Republican Sen. Gerald Dial is proposing legislation that would strip the lieutenant governor of any legislative duties, so that they would no longer preside over the Alabama Senate. The sole function of the post would be to succeed the governor in the event of his or her death, removal or resignation.

Rather than the lieutenant governor, the Senate would elect a sitting senator as presiding officer.

Dial said the lieutenant governor position could be put to better use by more closely assisting the governor.

Ivey opposed the idea in her first State of the State address. Ivey became governor last year after the sudden resignation of then-Gov. Robert Bentley. She says working in the Senate prepared her to be governor.