Lawyers tell court inmate is incompetent, can't be executed, International Space Day

May 6, 2016

Lawyers for an Alabama death row inmate are asking a federal court to stop his execution next week, saying he is incompetent because of mental illness, strokes and dementia.

Attorneys for 65-year-old Vernon Madison filed the emergency stay request Wednesday in federal court in Mobile.

Madison is scheduled to get a lethal injection May 12. He was convicted in the 1985 slaying of Mobile police Officer Julius Schulte.

Madison's attorneys says he does not remember specific facts of the fatal shooting and "does not have a rational understanding of why the state is seeking to execute him."

The emergency filing came after a Mobile County judge last month found that Madison was competent and knew why he was being executed.

The state has until Monday to file a response

After about 20 years of operation, the Remington Outdoor Company has announced that it plans to close its firearms operations located in Mayfield Kentucky. A-P-R’s student reporter, Miranda Fulmore has more…

Officials with the Remington Outdoor Company say the closure is part of “an effort to become more organizationally focused and competitive.” The Mayfield plant will be consolidated into Remington’s Huntsville operation.

The closure is expected to take place over several months because the two plants are about 250 miles apart. In addition, it is expected to affect around 200 employees. However, Remington says employees will be offered severance pay and outplacement services.

Ryan Drane is Graves County Economic Development President. In a statement released Thursday night, he said that local elected officials and the economic development team are taking immediate action to support the employees of Remington.

Today is International Space Day and the Universities Space Research Association is emphasizing the importance of a competent workforce in the space industry.

The U-S-R-A is a non-profit, independent research corporation that works with NASA on several levels including the development of advanced technologies for complex spacecraft.

Doctor Jeff Isaacson is the President and C-E-O of the U-S-R-A. He says at the Marshall Space Flight Center the U-S-R-A is helping NASA study changes to Earth’s climate, but they do even more than that…

“We have other folks at USRA that are involved in advance types of propulsion research. This research is aimed toward furthering NASA’s long term goals for exploration.”

Isaacson says one of their goals is to increase interest in math and science at every level in school so that more people can acquire the skills necessary to work in the space industry.