LIVE BLOG: Coronavirus in Alabama

Mar 24, 2020

May 13

Raising a glass at one Mobile brewery as it reopens during COVID-19

10:30 a.m. 10,494 cases, 2,608 hospitalizations, 442 deaths confirmed

May 12

5:30 p.m. 10,310 cases, 1,287 hospitalizations, 429 deaths

High school graduation to test virus rules in Alabama

COVID-19 kills 23 people at an Alabama veterans nursing home

1 p.m. 10,260 cases 1,280 hospitalizations, 428 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Alabama restaurants, bars, salons reopen with precautions

May 11

Mobiles COVID-19 first responders get help from 'Krewe of Kindness'

6 p.m. 10,164 cases, 1,268 hospitalizations, 403 deaths

Alabama restaurants, bars, salons, and gyms to reopen

Alabama reopening met with mix of relief, concern

11 a.m. 9,904 cases, 1,245 hospitalizations, 393 deaths confirmed in Alabama

May 8

5 p.m. 9,221 cases, 1,207 hospitalizations, 375 deaths

Alabama beach businesses work to recover visitor dollars lost to COVID-19

Alabama reopening restaurants, bars with limits on Monday

Video shows 'take down' arrest after Alabama mask dispute

1 p.m. 9,188 cases, 1,205 hospitalizations, 374 deaths confirmed in Alabama

May 7

5:30 p.m. 8,898 cases, 1,1,78 hospitalizations, 349 deaths

Ivey criticizes lawmakers for taking control of relief cash

New unemployment claims fall after 400,000 seek benefits

Lives lost: Alabama Medal of Honor winner downplayed heroism

10 a.m. 8,699 cases, 1,163 hospitalizations, 347 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Early release and alternative detention during COVID-19

May 6

6 p.m. 8,691 cases, 1,163 hospitalizations, 343 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Alabama mayor, wife diagnosed with COVID-19

No notes on virus liability, health officer power bills

Alabama lawmakers advance pared down budgets amid COVID-19

May 5

7 p.m. 8,437 cases, 1,121 hospitalizations, 315 deaths

Major Alabama mall reopens as lockdown protests continue

In clamor to reopen, many blacks feel their safety ignored

Lawmakers return for shortened session

Alabama monitors virus numbers after stay-home order lifted

10:15 a.m. 8,120 cases, 1,083 hospitalizations, 310 deaths confirmed in Alabama

May 4

7 p.m. 8,112 cases, 1,080 hospitalizations, 298 deaths

Alabama official outlines phased plan to reopen schools

Lack of travel leads to decline in fatal wrecks in Alabama

After a record year, Alabama tourism revenues expected to fall

Alabama's virus numbersrise as stores, other venues open

Mobile deals with being Alabama's new COVID-19 hotspot

10:45 a.m. 7,898 cases, 1,048 hospitalizations, 292 deaths confirmed in Alabama

May 1

6:15 p.m. 7,294 cases, 1,019 hospitalizations, 289 deaths

Lawsuit challenges Alabama voting rules during pandemic

Beaches, retail stores open in Alabama

10 a.m. 7,085 cases, 991 hospitalizations, 279 deaths confirmed in Alabama

April 30

6:15 p.m. 7,068 cases, 990 hospitalizations, 272 deaths

State unemployment claims top 400,000

10 a.m. 6,943 cases, 963 hospitalizations, 267 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Push to release inmates during COVID-19 pandemic

April 29

6:30 p.m. 6,904 cases, 951 hospitalizations, 255 deaths

House minority leader: Irresponsible to pass budgets now

10:30 a.m. 6,779 cases, 932 hospitalizations, 242 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Republican Senate leader seeks COVID-19 money for broadband

April 28

6:30 p.m. 6,750 cases, 927 hospitalizations

12:15 p.m. 6,644 cases, 903 hospitalizations, 242 deaths confirmed in Alabama

What does the new state order mean? Here's a rundown

Alabama doles out $372M for unemployment, launches new tool

A space age answer to a COVID-19 problem in Huntsville

April 27

7 p.m. 6,539 cases, 888 hospitalizations, 228 deaths confirmed

Ivey expected to announce future of COVID-19 stay-home order

Senators says it is not safe for lawmakers to return in May

10:20 a.m. 6,429 cases, 859 hospitalizations, 219 deaths confirmed in Alabama

April 24

5 p.m. 5,832 cases, 768 hospitalizations, 197 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Spokeswoman: Ivey working to firm up a timetable to reopen

Feeding the body as well as the soul in Mobile during the COVID outbreak

Tuscaloosa restaurant hopeful for return of regular business

April 23

Dozens of VA home viruscases; State loses abortion appeal

9 p.m. 5,832 cases

Alabama prison system reports fourth COVID-19 case

10:30 a.m. 5,677 cases, 768 hospitalizations, 197 deaths confirmed in Alabama

The push against Medicaid expansion during the coronavirus pandemic

April 22

Anonymous person spends $1,200 at Rama Jama's for stadium construction workers

With produce in high demand, community gardens needed

6:15 p.m. 5,589 cases, 196 reported deaths

Police: Woman coughs on officer who shut down birthday party

12 p.m. 5,407 cases, 730 hospitalizations, 191 reported deaths, 178 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 21

7 p.m. 5,327 cases, 184 reported deaths

Alabama stay-at-home order to remain; protest held at Capitol

COVID-19: The 'Tuskegee Effect'

10:30 a.m. 5,134 cases, 699 hospitalizations, 175 reported deaths, 146 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 20

In lieu of A-Day, Big Al tours Tuscaloosa community to spread cheer

6:15 p.m. 5,078 cases, 164 reported deaths

10:30 a.m. 4, 946 cases, 641 hospitalizations, 165 reported deaths, 113 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 19

Alabama reports first COVID-19death of a prison inmate

April 18

Restaurants in Alabama looking at changes due to COVID

April 17

6 p.m. 4,571 cases, 594 hospitalizations, 149 reported deaths, 96 deaths from illness

Ivey: Return to 'normal' must be gradual

Alocohol sales spike may be linked to mental health struggles

Alabama jobless rate up substantially to 3.5%

11 a.m. 4,404 cases, 553 hospitalizations, 137 reported deaths, 82 deaths from illness confirmed

April 16

Alabama appeals abortion ruling during COVID-19 outbreak

5:45 p.m. 4,379 cases, 137 reported deaths

Annual Alabama beachfront festival postponed due to virus

11 a.m. 4,272 cases, 553 hospitalizations, 126 reported deaths, 82 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 15

6:45 p.m. 4,241 cases, 123 reported deaths

COVID-19 pandemic renews calls for Medicaid expansion

School buses to provide Wi-Fi for students in Montgomery

10:30 a.m. 4,006 cases, 525 hospitalizations, 116 reported deaths, 75 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 14

7:30 p.m. 3,953 cases, 114 reported deaths

Gov: Alabama must not let guard down on virus precautions 

Alabama to resume parole hearings in mid-May

11 a.m. 3,809 cases, 493 hospitalizations, 105 reported deaths, 73 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 13

5 p.m. 3,762 cases, 101 reported deaths

Judge: Alabama can't prohibit abortion during pandemic

10 a.m. 3,616 cases, 457 hospitalizations, 96 reported deaths, 62 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 10

6: 30 p.m. 3,008 cases, 80 reported deaths, 58 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

Mercedes-Benz donates 30,000 masks to essential workers 

More than 450 Alabama health care workers have been infected

10:20 a.m. 2,881 cases, 79 reported deaths, 58 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 9

4:30 p.m. 2,769 cases, 74 reported deaths, 48 deaths from illness reported in Alabama

Tornado or virus? Pandemic means tough sheltering decisions

10:45 a.m. 2,547 cases, 68 reported deaths, 48 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

The cost versus benefit of Medicaid expansion in Alabama

April 8

Alabama numbers show race disparity in COVID-19 deaths

10:15 a.m. 2,241 cases, 65 reported deaths, 48 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 7

Alabama Department of Public Health releases demographics of positive cases

5:30 p.m. 2,197 cases, 64 reported deaths, 39 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

Alabama virus cases top 2,000 more than 50 deaths

10:30 a.m. 2,035 cases, 53 reported deaths, 39 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

April 6

6:15 p.m. 2,006 cases, 53 reported deaths, 32 deaths from illness confirmed

How Alabama has handled 3 weeks of coronavirus outbreak

What does a statewide stay-at-home order mean?

11 a.m. 1,862 cases, 45 reported deaths, 32 deaths from illness, 240 hospitalizations since March 13 confirmed in Alabama

April 5

African Americans may be distrustful during COVID-19 outbreak

April 3

6:30 p.m. 1,515 cases, 38 reported deaths, 21 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

Alabama issues statewide stay-home order starting Saturday

Birmingham extends shelter-in-place order

12 p.m. 1,352 confirmed cases

10 a.m. 1,324 cases,  34 reported deaths, 21 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama

University professors, students adjust to online learning

April 2

County received 5,000 rotted masks from national stockpile

Nick Saban favors extra teaching time, not longer fall camp

7 p.m. 1,265 confirmed cases in Alabama

2:45 p.m. 1,202 cases confirmed out of 8,619 tested

Sen. Jones: Alabama should issue statewide stay-home order

World Games in Birmingham postponed until 2022

Governor's office: 'Shelter-in-place' order not needed yet

9:45 a.m. 1,116 cases, 32 reported deaths, 17 deaths from illness out of 7,774 tests

How Medicaid expansion could help Alabamians amid coronavirus outbreak

April 1

6 p.m. 1,105 cases confirmed

Alabama's largest city tightens restrictions to stem spread of coronavirus

4:45 p.m. 1,084 cases, 28 reported deaths, and 17 deaths from illness

Rural areas fear spread of virus as more hospitals close

9:45 a.m. 1,000 cases, 24 reported deaths and 16 deaths from illness confirmed in Alabama out of 7,774 tests

Prisoner rights advocates push for release of inmates during coronavirus pandemic

March 31

4 p.m. 981 confirmed cases, 20 reported deaths and 13 deaths from illness

11:30 a.m. 951 cases confirmed out of 7,249 tests

10:25 a.m. 952 cases and 13 deaths confirmed in Alabama

March 30

5 p.m. 921 cases confirmed

3: 35 p.m. 907 confirmed cases

Alabama stay-at-home rules start quietly as virus cases rise

10 a.m.  831 cases, 6 deaths and 6,531 tests confirmed in Alabama

March 29

6 p.m. 825 cases and 4 deaths confirmed in Alabama

Tuscaloosa's 24-hour curfew begins tonight

What can stay open? What has to close? A statewide rule rundown

March 27

5:30 p.m. 627 cases confirmed in Alabama

1:45 p.m. 583 confirmed cases

Ivey orders closure of certain non-essential businesses

11:30 a.m. 567 confirmed cases in Alabama out of 4,755 tests

10 a.m. 540 cases and 3 deaths confirmed in Alabama out of 4,082 ADPH tests

Alabama's death toll from COVID-19 rises to 3

How COID-19 is affecting Alabama

Tuscaloosa shelter-at-home order goes into effect Sunday

March 26

Alabama schools to finsih year through distance learning

6:15 p.m. 524 confirmed cases

5:45 p.m. 517 cases confirmed

4:10 p.m. Governor Kay Ivey announces that Alabama schools will switch to digital learning starting April 6.

4 p.m. 506 confirmed cases in Alabama

10 a.m. 449 confirmed cases in Alabama out of 4,082 tests

Better Business Bureau warns of coronavirus scams

Senate unimously passes massive coronavirus aid plan

March 25

Alabama has its first confirmed COVID-19 death

386 cases confirmed as of 5:30 p.m.

Alabama doctors use FACETIME on mobile phones for office visits during COID-19 outbreak

Tuscaloosa enacts citywide curfew beginning Friday

283 confirmed cases out of 2,812 tests as of 10 a.m.

Helping local economies during a pandemic

Alabama charities looking to help as workers lose income over coronavirus

Alabama unemployment claimes skyrocket amid pandemic

March 24

Governor Ivey says no 'shelter in place' anticipated for Alabama

Alabama Health officials expect Gulf Coast COVID-19 caseload to get bigger

Community steps up with donations to UAB; new source for COVID-19 info created

March 23

UAB Health officials open new COVID-19 testing site in Alabama

Alabama health officials to clarify who should be tested for coronavirus

Alabama virus cases at nearly 200; tax deadline extended

March 22

Alabama coronavirus cases rise to 214; National Guard at the ready

March 21

Poison Prevention Week

Alabama has 196 coronavirus cases, Mercedes plan to temporarily close Tuscaloosa plant

March 20

Harvard Center to offer free civil rights lessons for students sheltering at home

Alabama Gulf Coast gears up to deal with the coronavirus

March 19

Baldwin County braces "spring break now, coronavirus later"

Alabama closes beaches, on-site dining, to fight coronavirus

March 18

Alabama has 196 cases of coronavirus

Coronavirus postpones Alabama GOP runoff, closes auto plant

March 14

Sheltering in place with your pet

March 12

Alabama lawmakers approve money for coronavirus response

UA cancels classes through March 30

March 11

State health officials urge coronavirus precautions