More AL counties issuing same-sex marriage licenses, Tuscaloosa Business Workshop

Jul 6, 2015

Additional Alabama counties are issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as some opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide fades away.

Several more counties in the state on Monday said they'd begun issuing marriage licenses.

The reversals come more than a week after the high court's landmark ruling that declared same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

Escambia, Randolph and Coosa were among the latest to begin issuing licenses after halting for days.

Last week Henry County Probate Judge David Money said he expected to begin issuing marriage licenses to all couples on Tuesday.

Other counties including Pike, Geneva, Houston and Washington have stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether.

Would you trade part of your summer vacation to study for a college entrance exam? That’s what a group of twenty Huntsville area high school students is doing this week.

They’re attending what’s called the STEM Summer Institute. STEM is short for Science technology Engineering and Math. The goal is to raise these students’ scores on the American College Testing exam, better known as ACT.

Course Co-founder Winston Crute** says going to an Ivy League school isn’t the point…

 “Whether they get in or not, is irrelevant. They’re starting to go for those big time, highly prestigious, schools, which is something we’re proud of them for doing.”

Students who attend the STEM Summer Institute can see their ACT scores go up by around three points. Crute says that can make the difference in getting that student into their dream school.

The Alabama Department of Revenue is hosting a free business workshop today in Tuscaloosa County. This free event will inform residents on several business information topics.

Amanda Collier is the Public Information Specialist at the Alabama Department of Revenue. She says the workshop will be beneficial to business owners.
“It’s just a great free opportunity, a lot of times people have questions and not sure where to go to find those answers and there lots of different laws and regulations especially when running a business. We want to make kind of a one stop shop for them to go find out all the information they need and make it as simple and easy as possible.”
The workshop will be held at the main branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library until 6:00 p.m. Registration isn’t required.