More Freezing Temperatures Expected For Much Of Alabama Tonight

Nov 13, 2013

More freezing temperatures expected for much of Alabama late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.
Credit National Weather Service

It was brutally cold over night in parts of Alabama, and forecasters say it's not over yet. Tonight's forecast is for more cold weather for the Tennessee Valley, with temperatures dropping to the mid-twenties again.

Tuscaloosa is predicted to have upper twenties, and Mobile could be in the mid thirties.

Meteorologist Holly Allen says precautions for tonight are the same as for last night.

"Bringing in any sensitive plants that you have outside,covering up your pipes so they don't freeze. If you have pets that are typically outside you might want to consider bringing them inside tonight. Making sure their water bowls don't freeze over and that they have plenty of water. You know and just stay warm."

Allen says the first freeze of the season is typically around early November. She adds it's not an indicator of a harsh or mild winter.