NeighborWorks Wants to Get Rural AL Working

May 1, 2017

A new report details ways rural communities can work to get their citizens back in the workforce.

According to the report by NeighborWorks America released last week, employment in rural areas is still below 2007 two thousand seven levels. Decreases in industries like mining and small farming have largely contributed to poverty in rural areas.

The report details ways for non-profits, governments, and philanthropic organizations to help build rural economies. They include more access to consumer banking , small business lending, and internet in rural areas.

NeighborWorks says these three areas can help bring jobs and money to rural areas. Paul Weech is the President and CEO of NeighborWorks America. He says Community Action Partnerships of North Alabama in Decatur and Community Service Programs of West Alabama in Tuscaloosa bring resources together to address rural poverty.

“They are the Exhibit A of what a community catalyst is. They’re bringing affordable housing solutions, they’re bringing education and workforce development solutions. And then where they don’t have the skills or programs or resources they’re effective partners with other sectors.”

The full report, "Turning the Tide on Persistent Rural Poverty", is available on the NeighborWorks website.