New Year's Resolutions

Jan 5, 2019

Look what I found - let's play!
Credit Lisa Zins [Flickr]

A happy, healthy pet requires care and attention from you - and that includes play time.  It's good exercise for your furry buddy, and a great bonding time for you and your best friend!


Happy new year! Perhaps you started 2019 with a resolution or two - it seems lots of folks make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or stop smoking. I guess a lot of us begin the year by evaluating our lifestyles and consider what changes we might make. So, when you look at your pet, what sort of lifestyle changes do you think might benefit your furry little friend?

If you don’t take your pet to a veterinarian regularly, resolve to make an appointment for a checkup. Visiting the vet at least once a year is one of the best ways to help keep your best friend healthy.

Next, take a look at your pet’s diet. You should be feeding a quality pet food, one that says “complete” and “balanced” on the label. And resolve not to supplement it with table scraps except on a very occasional basis.

Does your furry friend get enough exercise? Pets, especially city dwellers, often stay cooped up much of the time. Resolve to find ways to get your pet moving, even indoors. A dog might chase a tennis ball rolled down the hallway. A game of pulling a string or ribbon under a sheet of newspaper on the floor may entice your cat to stalk and pounce. In addition to weight control and muscle tone, exercise can help reduce stress and aggressive tendencies.

How often do you groom your four-footed buddy? Grooming doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t always mean a bath. It can mean brushing its fur, checking its ears, eyes, nose and mouth, looking between the pads of its paws for any potential problems. It means getting to know your animal’s body so that anything unusual, such as growths or inflammations, could be caught and tended to early. And when you groom with love, both you and your pet can enjoy the time together.

If a pet is an important part of your life, consider making a few New Year’s resolutions for its health and well-being. It may mean your furry companion will live longer and be happier, which means you’ll have more time to enjoy the company of your best friend, when you’re speaking of pets.