Northern Alabama church taking donations for tornado victims

Dec 14, 2016

The United Methodist Disaster Relief Warehouse in Decatur is expanding their efforts this year to victims of the recent tornadoes and wildfires in Alabama.

The warehouse primarily focuses on giving relief supplies and Christmas gifts to Haiti, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. This year they are focusing on supplying gifts for children that lost their homes and belongings in the recent local disasters. 

Ronald Thompson is the assistant director at the warehouse. He says they anticipate they will be able to donate to over 100 families…

“Locally we’re doing the same kind of thing not on a same grand of scale mind you, but our donations are coming in from local people, churches all over the southeast, we put a bulletin out to the Methodist church and other denominations to help us in that regard and we’re getting a good response.” 

They will continue to take donations for victims affected by the recent tornadoes and wildfires from now until the 15th.