NPR Music for iPad

Feb 28, 2012

Recently, NPR announced a multimedia music magazine for music lovers of all tastes and styles.  The app includes lives concerts, exclusive first listens, original reporting and commentary. It also takes advantage of the rich visual interface and tactile navigation of the iPad to present an integrated blend of text, images, audio and video. 

To help users get the most from NPR's rich archive of content, the app will surface stories you may like. In the right column on story pages we'll show you other stories you might want to see based on the one you're already looking at. Just below the playlist, the app will offer you stories you may like based, in part, on the items you have in your iPad iTunes library.

NPR Music for iPad is part of our larger effort to deliver NPR Music's amazing — and often exclusive — content to users as widely as possible.

You can download it directly from iTunes here