Prisoner rights advocates push for release of inmates during Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 1, 2020

Prisoner rights advocates in Alabama are now pushing for action related to the outbreak of COVID-19.

They want the release of “low level, non-violent” inmates amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The concern is that social distancing is next to impossible inside a prison.

So far, there have been two cases of COVID-19 in Alabama’s jails or prison systems. According to, one officer and one inmate have tested positive for the virus in Mobile.

Alabama Republican Senator Cam Ward says the facilities are taking every precaution possible.

“They institute their emergency protocols, which is isolating,” he says. “Basically no one from the outside can come in to the prison system and visit with anybody. They’re also doing wellness check-ups every day on inmates and officers.”

Senator Ward also says correctional facilities are able to access a 60-day reserve cleaning supply. He adds cleaning and sterilization happens daily at Alabama jails and prisons.