Roy Moore Asked to Clear Out His Office

Oct 14, 2016

Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended last month for his stand against same-sex marriage in Alabama.

Now the remaining members of the Supreme Court are kicking him out of the courthouse. Moore’s attorneys say he received two letters earlier this week from the acting head of the Supreme Court Lyn Stuart.

They say he has to remove all his belongings from the state courthouse and turn in his keys by next Tuesday. Moore’s three law clerks were also fired, and his name was removed from the Supreme Court letterhead.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel is handling Moore’s appeal. He says the justices responsible are ignoring more important business.

“It’s completely intolerable, and it really underscores a problem that we have with getting a fair hearing, which is why Chief Justice Moore filed this motion to recuse. They need to be acting on the motion to recuse, rather than acting as though the case is finished.”

Staver wants four of the current Supreme Court justices and three former Justices to recuse themselves from Moore’s appeal, and new judges to be appointed to hear the case.