School Property Tax Vote in Muscle Shoals

Aug 28, 2018

Dr. Brian Lindsey, Muscle Shoals City Schools Superintendent

Voters in Muscle Shoals are heading to the polls today to consider a measure that would raise local taxes.

School officials are seeking a 5-mil property tax increase, on top of the existing 7.5-mil municipal ad valorem tax currently in place in Muscle Shoals. Officials say the money would go toward funding the local public school system. Specifically, they are looking to build a new elementary school and a new band room for the city high school.

Dr. Brian Lindsey is the Superintendent of Muscle Shoals City Schools. He breaks down what the tax increase would mean for residents.

“Basically the increase would amount to $50 a year per every hundred thousand dollars of assessed value. So if you have a $100,000 house in Muscle Shoals, it’s going to cost you another $50 a year if the millage passes, and that’s about $4.17 a month.”

Critics say the tax increase would make Muscle Shoals one of the highest-taxed municipalities in the region. A political action committee called Stop the Home Tax PAC was launched last month to oppose the measure.