Sessions Says He Won't Recuse Himself from Trump Investigations

Jan 24, 2017

U.S. Senator (R-AL) and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions
Credit AP

Lawsuits have been filed claiming President Donald Trump’s foreign business dealings violate the Constitution. The impending litigation could test the relationship between President Trump and his pick for U.S. Attorney General – Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. reports Sessions has announced he has no plans to recuse himself from any potential litigation or investigation into the Preisdent’s finances. In a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that was recently made public, Sessions said that if simply supporting a President during a campaign warranted recusal, then most Presidential appointees wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.

Sessions provided nearly identical answers when asked if he would recuse himself from investigations involving contributors to Trump’s campaign or to his own Senate campaign committee.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to easily approve Sessions’ nomination, and the Senate is expected to confirm him as the country’s next Attorney General.