Sheriff dropped from $64 million Ala. casino case

Jun 26, 2012

Attorneys say a $64 million court judgment against VictoryLand casino in Macon County and its owner, Milton McGregor, won't be affected by the Macon County sheriff being dropped from the litigation.

Lucky Palace and 15 charities sued VictoryLand, McGregor and Sheriff David Warren, alleging they worked together to keep a second casino from being built in the central Alabama county to compete with VictoryLand. A jury in May returned a $64 million verdict against McGregor and VictoryLand. It ruled the sheriff misinterpreted the county's rules for electronic bingo.

An attorney for the charities, Bob Spotswood, said the charities agreed to dismiss the case against the sheriff, but it has no impact on the $64 million judgment.

The sheriff's attorney, James Anderson, said he's delighted to put the suit behind him.

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