Snow Today, Frigid Temperatures This Weekend

Jan 6, 2017

The National Weather Service says get ready to bundle up today through the weekend.

Frigid temperatures are in the forecast with the possibility of up to three inches of snow across the central part of the state. Forecasters think the I-20 corridor from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham will see snow accumulations which could make driving hazardous.

Gary Goggins is a forecaster with the National Weather Service. He says Alabamians should make preparations regardless of the local forecast, because trying to predict where snow is going to fall is tough.

“It’s extremely tricky. There’s lots of dynamics going on in the atmosphere that allows that snow get to the surface. Sometimes if there’s enough warm air aloft, it can actually make a wintry mix of precipitation. That’s what we’re going to expect along the U.S. 80 and i-85 corridors.”

U.S. Highway 80 runs from Demopolis to Selma to Montgomery. I-85 connects Montgomery and Auburn.

Goggins says after the snow falls, it’s going to be very cold. That raises the threat of ice, which can make the roads dangerous. It’s also going to be cold along the gulf coast, with the possibility of freezing rain.