State Contracts Extended on Both Sides in Bentley Impeachment Investigation

Mar 3, 2017

State contracts for the high-profile lawyers on both sides of an impeachment investigation are being extended amid the possibility of the probe resuming.   

 The Legislative Contract Review Committee approved the contracts this week.

    The Alabama House of Representatives is adding $160,000 to its contract with special counsel Jackson Sharman. The contract now totals $350,000.    Sharman, a Birmingham attorney, served as special counsel for the U.S. House Banking Committee for the Whitewater investigation during the Clinton administration.    Gov. Robert Bentley's office is adding $85,000 to its contract with Ross Garber. That contract now totals $185,000. Garber represented South Carolina and Connecticut governors during impeachment attempts.    Both contracts last until the summer of 2018.    A House committee last year began investigating if Bentley committed impeachable offenses, but paused the probe in November.