State Corrections Commissioner "Risk" Growing Daily in State Prisons

Jan 25, 2017

Alabama Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn told lawmakers the "risk" in Alabama's crowding prisons is growing each day.

Alabama Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn

Dunn addressed the legislative judiciary committees Wednesday as the Bentley administration tries to build support for an $800 million prison construction bond issue.

    The commissioner said the conditions in prisons are declining as the system deals with overcrowding and understaffing.    Governor Robert Bentley's proposal would build three new mega-prisons housing up to 4,000 men each, and one new prison for women. The department believes the construction cost ban be paid with the savings generated by consolidations.    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Cam Ward said legislative support was growing, but some lawmakers had valid concerns about the affordability of the project.    The session begins February 7th.