State Lawmakers Advocate Permanent DST

Mar 17, 2018

Alabama lawmakers are advocating to keep daylight saving time year-round and stop changing clocks.

The Alabama Senate approved a resolution Thursday by Republican Sen. Rusty Glover to "forever put an end to the deadly, energy-wasting, productivity-killing, twice-yearly changing of time." It was co-sponsored by 24 of 35 members and now moves to the Alabama House of Representatives for a final vote.

Daylight saving time was pitched as a way to save fuel during World War I, but some critics argue it's a ploy to get citizens to shop more. The resolution said research shows staying in daylight saving time year-round could reduce car accidents, heart attacks and childhood obesity by increasing the amount of available sunlight after school.

Arizona, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico don't change their clocks. Florida lawmakers voted in favor of year-round daylight saving time this year, but it would take U.S. Congressional approval to become law.