State Tries to Keep Seized Greenetrack Money and Machines

Dec 19, 2014

The Alabama Supreme Court is reviving the state's attempt to keep about $94,000 in cash and hundreds of alleged gambling machines seized from a west Alabama gaming center.

Credit Birmingham News/ Joe Songer

The court on Friday overturned a judge's decision dismissing the state's attempt to confiscate $93,917 and 376 machines from Greenetrack Inc.

State agents seized the money and machines during a raid at Greenetrack on June 1, 2011, and operators went to court trying to get the items returned.

A circuit judge sided with Greenetrack and dismissed the state's complaint, prompting an appeal.

The justices sided with the state's challenge, rejecting Greenetrack's claims that forfeiture documents weren't filed properly.

The state claims Greenetrack is an illegal gambling operation, but operators say it offers electronic bingo that's legal in Greene County.