State Warns of Water Pollution in Centre

May 25, 2017

The Alabama Department of Public Health is warning Centre residents about potentially unhealthy levels of two synthetic compounds in its water.

The Department announced earlier this week that the compounds, known as PFOS and PFOA, were recently found in the city of Centre's water. It says residents should consider "using alternate sources of drinking water."

Centre Water has begun buying water from the Cherokee County Water Authority and blending the two to drive down the PFOS and PFOA numbers. The water will continue to be tested.

The man-made chemical compounds, known as perfluorinated compounds or PFCs, are used to make non-stick, stain-resistant and water-proofing coatings on fabrics, cookware, firefighting foam and other products. The EPA says exposure to certain levels of PFCs can cause cancer, liver damage and thyroid effects and can weaken the immune system.

A lawsuit filed earlier this month contends carpet and textile companies put the chemicals into the raw water supply near Dalton, Georgia.