Students Meeting With Rep. England Over Pet Safety Bill

Mar 10, 2017

Alabama State Representative Chris England

Some high school students in Tuscaloosa are meeting with their state representative later today to ask him to sponsor and introduce a new bill regarding pets in hot cars.

Students at Holt High School have drafted a bill that would create sanctions for individuals who leave pets in hot cars. It would also provide protections for those who take necessary steps to rescue them, like breaking a car window. The bill is based on a similar law on the books in Wisconsin. Students say almost half the states in the U.S. already have similar legislation, and they’d like to see Alabama serve as a model to other states.

The students will present Representative Chris England the bill along with a petition in support of their effort this afternoon.

The high schoolers are learning about government and civic participation and are being mentored by University of Alabama students learning about youth civic development and community service.