Testimony complete in ASU administrator lawsuit

Mar 1, 2015

Former ASU Athletic Director Stacy Danley

Testimony is wrapping up in a lawsuit between former Alabama State University athletic director Stacy Danley and the university itself.

A ruling is expected to be issued sometime next month, after both sides file their final briefs.

The case is focused around the relationship between Danley and former ASU administrator John Knight, now a state representative. Danley's lawsuit alleges he was fired in late 2012 because he would not arrange for a job for Knight's daughter in the ASU athletic department. Alabama State University counter-sued, claiming Danley abused their expense reimbursement system.

Danley testified late last week saying that all of his $67,000 in travel expenses were approved by Knight.

Judge James Reid gave both sides until April 14 to file their final briefs, at which point he will rule on both lawsuits.