They're Back! This American Life Returns to APR

Oct 2, 2014


This American Life returns to Alabama Public Radio at 7 PM on Friday, October 3. APR is delighted that this award-winning, one-of-a-kind, hard-to-describe, quintessentially quirky public radio standout is back on the air in its old spot. Hosted and produced by the inimitable Ira Glass, This American Life sets the standard for the best in nonfiction radio programming with stories that provide more than 63 percent of all public radio’s “stay-in-your-seat-until-it’s-finished” driveway moments. (OK…we made up that statistic but we bet we’re close.) Tune in every Friday to welcome back Ira and his cast of contributors (David Sedaris, Russell Banks, and Sarah Vowell to name a few) and enjoy what the creators describe as, “ a documentary show for people who normally hate documentaries…a public radio show for people who don't necessarily care for public radio.”