Three Alabama cities are among the most stressed in the country

Jul 19, 2021

Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery are three of the twenty five most stressed cities in the United States. WalletHub separated four areas of stress into work, financial, family and health and safety. Birmingham ranked as the seventh most stressed city. Mobile is number fourteen on the list and Montgomery was at twenty four. Jill Gonzales is an analyst for WalletHub. She said one thing the study looked at family stress.

“And that includes things like a very high separation and divorce rate, a high number of single parent 


households which can also be very stressful and high childcare costs compared to what people are making there.”

Gonzales said the biggest way for cities to improve stress related to health and safety is to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“If you’re just talking about the health and safety aspect of COVID-19 I think vaccination is the easiest way to become less stressed especially as we see some of these delta variant numbers rise across the country specifically in Alabama.”

Huntsville ranked lower at 110 of the 182 cities included. The Rocket City was one of the least stressed cities when it comes to the workplace.