Toll Reduction on Baldwin Beach Express

Jun 29, 2017

Gulf Coast visitors and Orange Beach residents are getting some welcome news from the Baldwin Beach Express toll bridge.

American Roads Incorporated, the company that operates the toll bridge and expressway, have announced a reduction in tolls from now until Labor Day. Rates will now be $2.75 for non-Baldwin County residents driving one way with a two-axle vehicle. The cost for each additional axle will be an extra dollar. Orange Beach residents will see even more substantial savings. Tolls for a one-way trip are dropping to $1 if paid electronically and $1.25 in cash.

The changes are due to pressure from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach regarding traffic congestion on the coast. Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon had even threatened to build another bridge to bypass the toll bridge altogether.  He and Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft say the fare reduction is a good first step.

After Labor Day, the tolls will go back to their original rate but there will be a five million dollar overhaul of the toll plaza and bridge, including a new reversible third lane on the bridge to help with traffic flow throughout the day.