UA Prof: Trump = Muzzle on the Press?

Nov 9, 2016

The American people have a good idea of what Donald Trump is like on the campaign trail. But, what he’ll do as Commander-In-Chief appears less certain. Mr. Trump’s campaign drew large support from groups who feel economically disadvantaged by globalization. Speculation on a Trump administration includes Dr. Allen Linken. He’s an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama. Linken says one of Mr. Trump’s first actions will likely be regarding the media.

“Most prominently I think he’s references some notions about freedom of speech. He’s reference notions of sort of freedom of the press, so I think his first, or one of them, and I believe he mentioned this in a speech a few weeks ago, was to sort of clamp down on the rights of the freedom of the press and expand the notion of libel or expand the notion of slander.”

Trump’s rhetoric against free trade was also paired with a strong stance against immigration. Mr. Trump suggested a ban on Muslim immigrants to the US and a wall on the Mexican border.