University of Alabama to build center for Cuba relations

Feb 7, 2015

University of Alabama students studying abroad in Cuba

The University of Alabama is looking to expand its relations with Cuba.

University trustees recently approved establishing a Center for Cuba Collaboration and Scholarship at the Tuscaloosa campus. The Center will build on work by the Alabama-Cuba Initiative, a program that has built educational ties between the University of Alabama and Cuba for the past 13 years. More than 80 articles and other scholarly works have been published by faculty involved in that initiative.

The University of Alabama has had close relations with Cuba for several years. Alabama students have been able to study abroad in Cuba since 2009, and Cuban artists and researchers regularly visit the university. An academic travel license from the U.S. Department of Treasury has allowed Cuban educators to work with the University of Alabama since 2002.

The Center for Cuba Collaboration and Scholarship will continue the development of scholarly activities between Cuba and the University of Alabama. The main focus of the new center will be to encourage authorized activities between UA faculty and students and their Cuban counterparts.