West Alabama native touts new COVID management device

Jul 20, 2020


Credit Pixabay

Eugene Tinker, a Sawyerville native, believes he has found the solution to concerns about spreading the coronavirus inside schools. Tinker has tinkered with a device that automatically reads body temperatures and tests for signs of the virus before someone walks inside a building. Tinker introduced this device to the County Commission July 16.

“The reason why we designed this system is because we call it a COVID access management system,” Tinker said. “This system scans you but what it’s designed to do is keep whatever out, out. Or to notify you of whatever it has or whatever that temperature, if somebody’s got a temperate to know who they are. You could be identified and where you are and you could put plans in place very rapidly or actions in place very rapidly to actually be able to keep your environment safe.”

For more information about the We Scan device, visit wescannow.com