Wintry Weather, new Montgomery mayoral candidate, Mobile Mardi Gras

Feb 16, 2015

          Weather forecasters along the Tennessee Valley are warning residents of the Shoals to be on guard for icy roads tonight and tomorrow. The overall threat of snow and sleet has eased over much of Alabama. But, towns like Florence could still see some of the wintry weather that been plaguing areas of New England. Lauderdale and Colbert Counties are under a winter storm warning until 6 p-m. this evening while the majority of the northern counties are a winter weather advisory for most of Monday.

           Tim Troutman is the lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Huntsville.  He says the conditions for Alabama’s two most northwestern counties will see more hazardous conditions…

         “They can expect freezing rain throughout much of the day and temperatures are going to remain at or around the 32 degree mark. And expect freezing rain accumulations with ice up to three-tenths of an inch.  And there could be some sleet that may occur at times but that could only result in some minor accumulations.”

          Troutman suggest people to stay at home during the inclement weather and if you have to get out, be aware some roads and bridges could be slick.

          A third candidate has entered the race to lead the city of Montgomery.  Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Harris announced Monday that he will run for mayor. The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Mayor Todd Strange and former Alabama Congressman Arthur Davis  also plan to run for the seat.  The election will be held Aug. 25.

            Tomorrow is Mardi Gras along Alabama’s gulf coast, and it may take a little longer to let the good times roll. Federal Express says customers should expect delivery delays in cities like Mobile because of road closures due to Mardi Gras parades. That could cause headaches for customers waiting for last minute shipments of things like Mardi Gras king cakes.

            Pollman’s Bakery in Mobile is shipping about five hundred king cakes this year. Owner Fred Pollman  says he gotten complaints in the past due to delivery problems…

   “Well, people call up say I didn’t get my king cake on time, and it was due to the weather. But I would refer to them and let them know that the cake is still fine, and there’s nothing wrong with the product. It’s better when it’s fresher because there’s no preservatives in it.

            Federal Express says Mardi Gras delivery delays could occur between now and tomorrow. Mobile prides itself as the originator of the Mardi Gras celebration here in the United States. 

Credit wikipedia