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Cadbury Easter "Bunny"

Could this be the REAL Easter Bunny???
Jonathan Cutrer
Could this be the REAL Easter Bunny???

The commercial says, “no bunny knows Easter better than Cadbury”.  You may have seen the clever ads, showing various animals dressed up as bunnies, impersonating the Cadbury bunny but clucking like a chicken.  The first Cadbury bunny commercial aired more than thirty years ago, but for the past few years, Cadbury has had a contest which allows folks to nominate their pets to be that year’s Cadbury bunny. 

The first year, they had four thousand entries and Henri the English bulldog won the popular online vote.  Lt. Dan, a two-legged coon hound won the second year.  And last year, out of twelve thousand entries, an Australian White Tree Frog named “Betty” won the honor. 

This year, the top ten finalists again were a wide variety of animals, including a sugar glider, a parrot, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, a miniature horse, a cat and a llama - but the popular online vote went to Annie Rose, an English Doodle dog, to become the 2022 Cadbury Bunny.  

Now Annie Rose is starring in her own Cadbury commercial.  She takes home her own set of Cadbury Bunny ears and a cash prize of $5,000.  Plus, the Cadbury company is donating $20,000 in her name to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

In real life, Annie Rose is a nursing home therapy dog in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Even during the pandemic when visiting was not allowed, she brought joy to the nursing home residents as she dressed up in fun costumes and strutted outside their windows where they could look out and see her.

To see more of Annie Rose and her competition, including Sweetheart, a miniature Therapy Horse and Maple, the Hedgehog, visit Cadbury USA’s Facebook page. 

And this Easter, as you celebrate with maybe a chocolate treat or two, you just might see Annie Rose in her Cadbury commercial, wearing her bunny ears and clucking like a chicken.  I’m sure Annie Rose will make you smile, because that’s just what she does, when we’re speaking of pets.


Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.