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Holiday Pet Pictures

Who can resist those eyes?!!
Who can resist those eyes?!!

Social media is full of pet photos, but some of the pictures are not so great.  At Christmas time, you may be taking pictures of family members and friends, and that includes your furry buddies.  A photographer friend of mine shared some tips that might help you get better photos of your best friend.

     If you want posed shots, keep your photo sessions short so the animal doesn’t get bored.  Zoom in or use a telephoto lens on your camera for great close-ups without having to put the phone or camera right in the animal’s face.  A toy or a treat can be used to get your pet’s attention so it will face the camera just as you shoot the picture.

     Some of the best pet photos make you feel as though the animal is looking right at you.  The reason is that the photographer took the picture at the animal’s eye-level – either by getting down on the ground or putting it up on a platform to take the shot.  Looking down on a pet, or up, can give a distorted image of the animal.

     Before you take a picture, look at what’s behind your pet – is the background nice and simple, or is it too busy?  It also helps to have some contrast – for example, a dark-coated pet may not show up well against a dark background.  And usually the less background and more pet that’s in the picture, the better the picture will be.

     Good lighting is a must, especially for dark-coated animals, because fur absorbs light.  Focus on the pet’s eyes because that’s the first thing people will notice.  

     And take lots of pictures.  With cell phones and digital cameras, it’s easy to choose the best shot before you post it or print it out.

This Christmas, remember the four P’s of photographing pets – patience, planning, practice, and plenty of pictures.  And remember, some of the best photos are of a pet with its favorite person or people, that capture a great Christmas memory, when you’re speaking of pets.


Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.