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Answer Your Cats Questions!

I have a few questions for you!
Rob Madeo
I have a few questions for you!

Statistics tell us that (worldwide) there are more dogs than cats, but in this country, we keep more cats as pets than dogs.  Since tomorrow is “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day”, and since cats are by nature curious animals, it’s a good time to look at things from your feline friend’s perspective and consider what questions your furry buddy might ask you.

     Your cat may wonder where you go all day, Monday through Friday, and ask why you don’t stay home and play with it.  Cats wants to spend time with us – when they are not sleeping.

     Our cat may ask why in the world we clip her claws!  She has to go back to the scratching post and work-work-work to make them sharp again, only to have us clip them – again.  We have taught her not to claw the furniture, but that clipping routine mystifies her.  She doesn’t understand that when we play with her, those sharp claws may hurt us!  She also doesn’t know the alternative is declawing, leaving her almost defenseless.

     Our cat would also like to know why we don’t just leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases.  She has learned to ask, but is impatient when she is eager to go out.

     One biggie she does not understand is why we put that gooey, smelly stuff on the base of her neck between her shoulder blades every month, especially where she cannot reach it to lick it off!  She does not understand that we do that for her health, to protect her - and us, and our home - from fleas.

     What questions might your cat ask you, if it could?  Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is a reminder to appreciate your feline friend’s natural curiosity.  Considering what questions your pet might ask you helps you to see the world from their perspective, and maybe understand their behavior a little better.  It may also help us make an adjustment or two to improve their health and even their quality of life just a bit, when we’re speaking of pets.


Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.