Sustaining Memberships

Make your membership more convenient, more powerful, & more enduring.  The Sustainers Membership Program is a convenient and reliable way to manage your financial support for Alabama Public Radio through ongoing monthly payments which are either charged to your credit or debit card or invoiced to you for check payment. It is the best way to put more of your dollars into APR's programming.

Benefits to you:

  1. It's convenient. You never have to deal with mailings from APR reminding you it's time to renew - you never have to remember either. Your membership will continue to renew each year until you tell us to stop.
  2. Less paper for you...less costs for APR. Furthermore, if you use your debit or credit card, your monthly payments will happen automatically!
  3. It's powerful. By eliminating administrative expenses, more of your donation goes into programming. And that's where you want it to go, isn't it?
  4. It's enduring. Spreading your support over time is easier on your budget. Plus it gives APR the security of a steady, reliable stream of program support. You'll feel good knowing that you're continuing to support APR's programming.
  5. You're In Control: You can change, increase, decrease or stop your contribution at any time by calling our membership office. You will receive tax receipts (your gifts are still tax-deductible) stating your contributions and the fair market value of any thank-you gifts you request.

How to Enroll:

  • Decide how much you want to contribute monthly to Alabama Public Radio. 
  • Fill out our ONLINE SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP donation form. 
  • Sit back and relax.  We do the rest!

Payroll Deduction:

If you are a University of Alabama Employee, you can make your contribution via payroll deduction. Just fill out the payroll deduction form below and send it to or Box 870370.

For answers to your questions regarding Sustaining Memberships call 800.654.4262 or 205.348.6645.  You can email