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Dr. Robin Boylorn

  • In this season premiere of Crunk Culture, Robin Boylorn discusses environmental racism - the people most affected by it, the consequences of it and some solutions to address it.
  • The death of iconic author and professor emeritus Toni Morrison has affected a lot of people, especially Robin Boylorn who’s been deeply influenced by Morrison’s work.In this segment of Crunk Culture, Robin honors Morrison and encourages us to take heed to her words – words that condemn white supremacy and hate in America.A note to listeners: Dr. Boylorn addresses mass shootings in this piece, but it was recorded before the attack in Odessa, Texas...
  • Pregnancy-related deaths in the US, especially among black women, have been problematic for quite some time, but not much has been done to prevent and alleviate this issue.In this first installment of Crunk Culture, Robin Boylorn addresses black maternal mortality and two of its factors...