Alabama House of Representatives

Alabama House approves medical marijuana bill

May 6, 2021
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After many hours of debate, the Alabama House of Representatives has passed a medical marijuana bill.

It was passed 68-34 and now goes back to the Senate to have changes approved.

The bill would allow people with qualifying medical conditions to purchase marijuana with a recommendation from a doctor.

If approved by the Senate, the bill will be brought to Gov. Kay Ivey to be signed into law. 

Alabama House delays vote on medical marijuana bill

May 5, 2021
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Voting on a medical marijuana bill will have to wait in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Lawmakers debated the proposal for more than six hours on Tuesday until midnight. There are two days left in the legislative session when it could be reintroduced to the floor.

The debate included those who opposed medical marijuana and those who changed their minds after witnessing illnesses of family members.

Alabama House to debate medical marijuana bill

May 4, 2021
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The Alabama House of Representatives is debating a medical marijuana bill that is headed to a a vote.

The bill would allow people with qualifying medical conditions to purchase marjuana after getting a recommendation from a doctor.

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon made a last-minute request to add the bill to the House debate calendar and said last month that he expected a close vote on the bill.

The proposal has already passed in the Alabama Senate.

Alabama House committee advances lottery, casino bill

May 4, 2021


One of the most controversial bills in Alabama's legislative session are up for debate in the last two days before lawmakers are sent home.

The House Economic Development and Tourism Committee voted to advance a lottery and casino bill to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Opponents of the bill said in a public hearing that the bill picks "winners and losers" by naming nine casino locations, while supporters said it was time to give Alabama voters the opportunity to vote on gambling for the first time since 1999. 

House approves bill to put menstrual products in schools

Apr 30, 2021
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Alabama schools could soon be required to provide menstrual products after the Alabama House approved a bill 97-0.

The bill by Rep. Rolanda Hollis would require public schools to make feminine hygiene products available to students. It now moves to the Alabama Senate, though there are only a few days left in the session.

Hollis said "period poverty" affects every county in the state and that she was inspired by 13-year-old twins Brooke and Breanna Bennet who work to distribute menstrual products to students in need.

transgender legislation
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Parents, medical providers and transgender youth have spoken against legislation that would ban puberty-blockers or hormones used for treatment of transgender youth.

They urged the Alabama House of Representatives to reject the bill in a virtual press conference hosted by the Human Rights Campaign.

It would make it a felony for a doctor to provide treatment to aid in gender transition for people 18 years old or younger, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The Alabama Senate has already passed the bill.

Bill would ban state enforcement of federal gun laws

Apr 15, 2021


A bill has made its way through the Alabama Senate that would make it a misdemeanor for an officer to enforce any new federal gun restrictions.

The bill passed 21-5 and now moves to the House of Representatives.

The bill by Republican Sen. Gerald Allen would restrict police officers from enforcing a new federal law or executive order that regulates firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories.

Medical marijuana bill heads to key House vote

Apr 15, 2021


Legalization of medical marijuana once again has forward momentum in the Alabama Legislature.

The House Health Committee approved a bill by Republican Sen. Tim Melson on Thursday, and it will now move to the Alabama House of Representatives for debate.

The proposal would allow people with qualifying medical conditions to purchase marijuana after getting a recommendation from a doctor. The Alabama Senate already passed the bill in a vote of 21-8.

Speaker: Representatives divided over trans treatment bill

Apr 13, 2021
transgender legislation
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Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutheon said state representatives are divided over the proposed bill that would ban the use of hormones and puberty-blockers to treat transgender youth.

He said he was unsure when the bill would get to the floor to be voted on. A similar bill was just passed in Arkansas, making it the first state to ban gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender minors.


Alabama gun carriers may soon be able to buy lifetime permits to carry concealed firearms.

The House of Representatives aprroved the bill with a 69-18 vote. Gov. Kay Ivey will decide whether or not to sign into law.

The bill would allow purchases for permits that would last for a year, five years or a lifetime, and it would create a registry of people prohibited from carrying firearms.

Previous efforts to abolish the permit requirement failed under opposition from law enforcement officials.

Distracting driving bill fails after Alabama House debate

Apr 7, 2021
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A bill that would fine drivers for using smart phones has been struck down in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Republican Rep. K.L. Brown of Jacksonville sponsored the bill that would have fined drivers for holding, watching or recording with a smart phone while driving. It failed on a vote of 47-48.

During debate, some lawmakers questioned if the proposal would have been enforceable, while others were concerned that it would be used to target minorities for traffic stops. 

Alabama House approves alcohol delivery bill

Apr 2, 2021
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Alcohol delivery may soon be coming to Alabama.

The House of Representatives voted 79-12 on a revised bill that was passed by the Alabama Senate. The Senate will now vote on the changes and will either aprrove the bill or send it to a conference committee.

The beverages could only be delivered to people who are 21 or older by retailers licensed to deliver. Limits would also be placed on how much could be delivered in a 24-hour period.

Committee advanced repeal of habitual offender law

Apr 1, 2021


A bill that would repeal Alabama's habitual offender law has been advanced by a divided legislative committee.

The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill on a 9-5 vote on Wednesday.

Rep. Chris England of Tuscaloosa introduced the bill that would do away with sentencing mandates for new cases and allow some prisoners to have their sentences reviewed. England said mandatory sentences in habitual offender laws result in arbritrarily long sentences.

Alabama House approves 'born alive' abortion bill

Mar 19, 2021


A bill that would punish doctors who do not provide care for babies still alive after attempted abortions has been approved by the Alabama House of Representatives and will now move to the Senate.

Legislators voted 76-12 to pass the bill written by Republican Rep. Ginny Shaver of Leesburg.

Shaver argued the law is needed to protect children while those who opposed argued it was unnecessary because the issues addressed were already illegal.

Alabama does not allow abortions at or after 22 weeks of pregnancy.

3 legislators test positive for COVID-19 this week

Mar 18, 2021
COVID-19 coronavirus test


Three Alabama lawmakers have tested positive for COVID-19 this week.

Alabama House of Representatives spokesman Clay Redden said three lawmakers tested positive, but did not disclose the names for privacy reasons.

Legislative staff are regularly tested for the virus and have been taking precautions such as wearing masks, limiting building access and spreading the 105 House members out to two floors. 


The Alabama House Judiciary Committee is holding a public hearing on medical marijuana legislation.

It will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Sen. Tim Melson and would allow people with qualifying medical conditions to purchase marijuana, in forms of gels of tablets, for medical use from licensed dispensaries.

The Alabama Senate approved the bill with a 21-8 vote last month, but the House of Representatives has previously been more skeptical of similar legislation.

Special election called to fill vacant Alabama House seat

Mar 9, 2021
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Gov. Kay Ivey has set the date for a special election to fill a newly empty seat in the Alabama House.

Kirk Hatcher of District 78 was elected to the state Senate leaving south, west and north Montgomery without a representative.

The special primary election will be Tuesday, May 25, and the deadline for qualifying with major political parties will be 5 p.m. March 23. Independent candidates will have until May 25 at 5 p.m.


The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill that would give that would give them more oversight over large expenditures.

The 98-0 vote on Tuesday approved the bill by Republican Rep. Mike Jones that will now move to the Alabama Senate.

Committee advances transgender treatment ban for minors

Feb 25, 2021


A bill that would make it a felony for doctors to treat transgender youth with hormonal therapy and puberty blockers was passed by the Alabama House Judiciary Committee.

It was approved with an 11-3 vote and will now be voted on by the entire House of Representatives.

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a responded to the bill with a statement. 

House approves mandatory kindergarten bill

Feb 24, 2021


A proposal that would require Alabamians to send their kids to kindergarten was passed by the Alabama House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The bill by Rep. Pebblin Warren was approved 101-0 and will move to the Alabama Senate.

It requires a child to have successfully completed kindergarten or have demonstrated first grade readiness on a district approved assessment before enrolling in first grade.

Alabama House approves 'Aniah's Law' named for slain teen

Feb 24, 2021
Aniah Blanchard
Auburn Police Department


The Alabama House of Representatives approved legislation on Tuesday that gives judges more discretion to deny bail for people accused of violent crimes.

The two bills, which together create Aniah's Law, are named after 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard who was abducted and killed outside of Auburn. At the time of the abduction, the suspect was free on bond from an earlier kidnapping case.

The bills will now make their way to the Alabama Senate after being passed unanimously in the House.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The longest serving member of the Alabama House of Representatives has died. 

House spokesman Clay Redden confirms in a statement that state Rep. Ron Johnson, of Sylacauga, died Tuesday of complications from liver cancer. Johnson was 76.

Johnson had served in the House since 1978, representing District 33 which includes parts of Clay, Coosa and Talladega counties.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has scheduled a special election to replace a central Alabama legislator who announced she is resigning to take a position with the Trump administration. 

Rep. April Weaver of House District 49, consisting of Bibb, Chilton and Shelby counties, announced her resignation last week. Ivey said the primary election for the seat will be held Aug. 4. A primary runoff, if needed, will be held Sept. 1.

April Weaver


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A member of the Alabama House of Representatives says she is resigning to join the Trump administration. 

Rep. April Weaver announced her resignation in a statement Tuesday. Weaver says she is quitting to accept a position with President Donald Trump's administration, but she didn't elaborate. She says she is excited to be able to use her skills and experience on a national level.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama lawmakers on Thursday approved a $1.25 billion bond issue for school construction in the largest capital improvement project in more than a decade. 

The House of Representatives voted 68-5 for the bond issue to fund capital improvement projects at public schools, universities and two-year colleges. 

Alabama State Legislature


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama lawmakers will not vote on controversial proposals that would limit the state health officer’s powers to order closures and give immunity to companies for coronavirus-related lawsuits. 

The bills are expected to return in the next legislative session after this one was cut short because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Alabama House
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama lawmakers have resumed a shortened legislative session focused on state budgets. 

Legislators had taken a nearly two month break during the COVID-19 outbreak but returned to Montgomery to pass state budgets and a few other bills.

Alabama Democrats
Alabama Democrats


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Democratic leader in the Alabama House of Representatives is urging  lawmakers to wait until summer to pass state budgets, for both safety and fiscal concerns. 

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels said in a press conference that it is difficult to craft a budget when the state is still trying to assess the pandemic’s impact  on revenue, small businesses, schools and other factors.  

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A medical marijuana bill cleared its first floor vote in the Alabama Legislature as advocates hope to make headway after years of setbacks.

Senators voted 22-11 for the bill that now heads to the House of Representatives.

The measure would allow people with a doctor's recommendation to use medical marijuana for 15 conditions — including cancer, anxiety and chronic pain. It also would let them purchase cannabis products at one of 34 licensed dispensaries.

The sponsor of the legislation said he's optimistic about its chances. 

Right now in Alabama, people accused with some of the most serious crimes in the state are allowed out on bail. One state senator is working to keep violent offenders who are charged with these crimes locked up longer. But, in this journalism collaboration with the commercial news team at WVUA23-TV, some say there are unintended consequences in what seems like a law and order issue.