MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama Sen. Doug Jones says he believes the state should issue a statewide stay-home order, as other states have done, to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

The number of reported deaths in Alabama on Thursday climbed to more than 30.

In this week's Keepin' It Real commentary, Cam Marston gives us some insight into his upcoming Thanksgiving travel plans and offers tips on airport etiquette. Simply put: smile and let it roll...

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In our previous segment, Robin Boylorn discussed how WNBA players are underpaid and undervalued. And, in today’s Crunk Culture commentary, Dr. Boylorn shares some actions that can be taken to improve the league and the livelihood of its players...

*The W denotes WNBA

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Plastic is a useful product, but it's the largest source of pollution and waste on the planet. In today’s Living With Less Plastic commentary, Mary Liz Ingram informs us about the harm of plastic and the current event of ruination happening in our environment...   

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In this week's Keepin’ It Real commentary, Cam Marston tells us how he’s stimulating his clients’ thinking to try to help them predict the future and what he hopes the future holds for himself...

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This week on “Keepin’ it Real,” Cam talks about using strange descriptions of scotch whiskey to describe other things he likes - and doesn’t like…

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Public Radio Mutt

Sep 17, 2016
Skip Baumhower

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GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson will return to Alabama next week. The Republican contender will appear at the University of South Alabama Mitchell Center for a free rally next Thursday afternoon. There will be a fundraiser at a private residence afterward. Republican hopefuls Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee have attended similar rallies in Alabama, as well as Democratic contender Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

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Superheroes in Mobile

Dec 7, 2012
History Museum of Mobile


Come Home to APR

Oct 13, 2012
Mindy Norton

Coming home means having a sense of belonging that lets you know you're in the right place.  And what could be more right for a radio listener than Alabama Public Radio?


Alligator Season Wraps

Aug 31, 2012
Stan Ingold

   The seventh annual alligator season has just wrapped up in Alabama. One hundred twenty five tags were issued to hunters who wanted to chase down the large reptiles. Of that, seventy-eight gators were brought in, leaving forty seven tags unfilled.

   Two weekends a year Alabamians get the opportunity to hunt for alligators. Hunters like Jennifer Smith and her family, who bagged a three-hundred fifteen pound alligator that measured ten feet five inches long. She says hope to go every chance she gets.

APR News

The Alabama Public Radio news team collected a national Sigma Delta Chi award at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. for best breaking news coverage of the Tuscaloosa tornado. News Director Pat Duggins was joined at the podium by reporters Ryan Vasquez, Maggie Martin and Stan Ingold for the presentation of the bronze medallion.

All week long on Alabama Public Radio, the news department is revisiting the people we heard from in the hours and days following the April 27th tornadoes that struck the state a year ago. Last night, the Tuscaloosa city council approved rezoning in the areas hit hard by the storm. Pending a final vote, this will set the city's rebuilding plan into full motion. APR's Pat Duggins takes us to the small town in Kansas which helped pioneer the "green" rebuilding ideas that may take root here.