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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Republican leader of the Alabama Senate on Tuesday said he would like to use a large portion of the state’s coronavirus relief funds to establish broadband through the state. 

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh said Tuesday that he hoped to put $800 million from an estimated $1.7 billion in federal relief dollars for broadband access.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Gov. Kay Ivey has signed two pieces of legislation aimed at improving and expanding broadband services across Alabama.

The bills signed Thursday specifically target rural and small communities that are often underserved by high speed internet.

Ivey says it's imperative that the state provide students, hospitals and small businesses with the high speed broadband they need to "have success in the 21st Century world."

A bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Clay Scofield expands who can apply for grants used to improve broadband accessibility.

Rural Health: Connecting Doctors and Patients

Oct 25, 2017
Wallace Epp

All year long on Alabama Public Radio, we’ve been looking at rural health care. Advocates of rural health in Alabama say one of the biggest issues is access to health care in rural areas. The state is facing a massive shortage of physicians, and the doctors we do have are largely concentrated in metropolitan areas.

The situation gets worse when it comes to specialty and subspecialty care. The vast majority of the state’s specialists are in Birmingham, Huntsville or Mobile. But doctors are now starting to use technology to bring specialty care into rural Alabama.