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Group Works to Reach Formerly Disenfranchised Voters

Mar 28, 2019

Some Alabamians have the right to vote once again. Many of them just don’t know it. 

Alabama’s state law left it to the counties to decide which felonies caused someone to lose their voting rights.

The state clarified the specific felonies in 2017.

The Alabama Voting Rights Project estimates 10 thousand to 100 thousand Alabamians now qualify to vote.

More Groups Support Voter ID Lawsuit

Mar 5, 2018

More civil rights groups are challenging a federal judge's ruling that a law requiring Alabama voters to show a valid photo ID is not discriminatory.

Alabama has required voters to present government-issued photo identification at the polls since 2014. The Alabama NAACP and Greater Birmingham Ministries sued over the law in 2015, arguing it disproportionately affects minorities.