Susie Richardson and Mae Ceal Herndon are sisters-in-law and close friends. In this StoryCorps piece, Susie reflects on her childhood and how her life has exceeded her expectations. She tells Mae about having to wear casts and braces on her legs as a child and learning to walk without them despite her doctor’s predictions...

Edited by Anastasiya Titarenko


Artist Chris Cumbie shaped his nontraditional, artistic style in rural Alabama. From a young age, his grandfather taught him how to use what was around him to build what he needed. While at StoryCorps, Chris spoke with his fiancé Harriet Shade about his childhood and the influence of the support and encouragement she’s provided him and his son Christian. 

Christian has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and his resilience to overcome his condition and make art has reminded Chris to always make the best of the hand he's been dealt...

Edited by Corey Carpenter