In this StoryCorps interview, Renee Vaughn and her husband Nick speak about expanding their family through adoption after becoming “empty nesters.” Furthermore, Nick explains how some people in their lives are connected by a red thread - meaning they were destined to meet – and he’s realized, above all the obstacles they’ve overcome, family is the most important...


Edited by Kierra Wright           

China is Alabama’s second biggest trading partner. That economic relationship is the focus of a new series of events at the Birmingham International Center.  The Center will host various cultural, educational, and outreach events between now and May. A large part of the focus is on business and trade with China. Alabama does two and a half billion dollars’ worth of business with China every year.

Alabama is still buzzing over the news that Birmingham will be the host city for the 2021 World games. The first task in preparing to host the games will be to watch how Poland does it.

Wroclaw, Poland will be hosting the 2017 games and Alabama be taking notes on how that city handles it. Over four thousand athletes from one hundred countries usually take part.