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Alabama's state health officer says he is optimistic about improving COVID-19 case numbers.

Dr. Scott Harris told reporters that the state is seeing improvements but urged people to maintain precautions such as wearing masks and avoiding crowds. Dr. Harris said the vaccine is getting out, but he would like to see more making its way to the rural areas. 



A new federal program is bringing an additional one million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Alabama.

The extra inoculations are made possible by the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program between the federal government and several national drug store chains.

Dr. Scott Harris is Alabama’s health officer. He said the program looks at each state and then recommends a partner for vaccine distribution.  

Alabama begins expanded COVID-19 vaccinations on Monday

Feb 8, 2021


The newest phase of vaccine rollouts in Alabama is underway, but health officials are worried supplies might be too short to innoculate everyone eligible.

Everyone in the state who is 65 years or older, educators, grocery store workers, manufacturing workers, public transit workers, agriculture employees, state legislators and constitutional officers are now eligible to receive vaccinations.



Alabama continues COVID-19 vaccination efforts with eight new large-scale vaccination sites opening across the state today. They’re taking place in Anniston, Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Selma and Tuscaloosa.

Dr. Scott Harris is Alabama’s health officer. He said the plan is for the sites to administer 1,000 doses per day every day this week, but he warns the state’s supply won’t get to everyone who is eligible.  

Alabama expands COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

Feb 8, 2021


More Alabamians can get the COVID-19 vaccine this week.

Residents over 65 and essential workers like teachers are eligible for the two dose inoculation as of today. Alabama is currently receiving 50 to 60,000 vaccines a week. Over 375,000 doses have been distributed statewide.

Dr. Karen Landers is the District Medical Officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health. She said the state’s vaccine supply remains critically low. 

Alabama debuts online scheduler for COVID-19 vaccinations

Feb 2, 2021
Alabama Public Health
@ALPublicHealth on Twitter


The Alabama Department of Public Health has launched its online portal for those wanting to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The website allows people to check their eligibility and schedule appointments to get shots in their county of choice.

Dr. Scott Harris


The amount of Alabamians eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine is increasing, despite the state not having enough available for everyone who qualifies.

Dr. Scott Harris said the next round of vaccines will include everyone who is 65 years and older, educators, court officials, corrections, officers, grocery store workers, agriculture employees, state legislators and constitutional officers. The people in those categories total to 1.5 million, up from the 700,000 that have previously qualified.


Locations for large scale COVID-19 vaccinations in Baldwin County are shifting south next week.

Individuals who are eligible to receive a dose include those who are 75 and older, or first responders. Shots will continue at the OWA center in Foley on Tuesday and Thursday.

AEA: 'Education employees are dying,' seeks vaccinations

Jan 27, 2021
COVID-19 school teacher


A group representing state educators is advocating for teachers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The Alabama Education Association said 39 school employees have died because of the virus. Executive director Theron Stokes sent a letter to State Health Officer Scott Harris out of concern that educators are not getting the vaccine.


More Birmingham veterans are being vaccinated for COVID-19 thanks to a partnership with the United Way of Central Alabama.

The Birmingham VA Health Care System is being provided with as many as 1,000 shots a day to veterans who are at least 65 years old. Before this week, only around 300 people were getting treated daily. 

The vaccine clinic is moving into a United Way in downtown Birmingham to accommodate for more appointments.

Supply issues hinder Alabama COVID-19 vaccination efforts

Jan 25, 2021


Albama health officials say the state's slow rollout of the coronavirus vaccine is due to a lack of supplies. 

Dr. Scott Harris said the number of shipments has hindered the process of getting shots out as quickly as possible.

He said Alabama has approved 883 locations to provide vaccines including pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' offices. Out of those locations, only 364 have received doses of the vaccine.



Tuscaloosa veterans are being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccinations.

High-risk vets over 75 can call the VA medical center today to get their first dose of the vaccine. The local medical center opened a clinic last week and is distributing 60 Moderna doses a day.

Tony Davis is the Chief of Staff at the VA Medical Center. He said administering the Moderna vaccine is challenging. 

Alabama struggling to fix overwhelmed vaccination hotline

Jan 14, 2021


Alabama's coronavirus vaccine hotline has already been overwhelmed with callers looking to receive immunizations. 

Dr. Karen Landers of the state health department said that officials are trying to fix the problems that have lead to the hotline to have "not worked very well." She said workers are adding capacity to the hotline and trying to make an online system available for people to make reservations for vaccinations without having to call.

Kay Ivey COVID-19 vaccine
Office of Governor Kay Ivey


State leaders are encouraging Alabamians to get the coronavirus vaccine once they become eligible.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have updated their guidelines to say those who are 65 and older should get the vaccine, as well as those who are immunocompromised, in addition to healthcare workers and frontline workers. Governor Kay Ivey is encouraging Alabamians to keep following health guidelines while they wait for their turn for the vaccine. 

Alabama to make vaccine available to people 75 and older

Jan 8, 2021


Senior Alabama residents will soon be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Shots had been limited to health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities, but they will now be available to those 75 years or older and later first responders. Those eligible can get their first dose starting Jan. 18. 

The expansion was announced by Gov. Kay Ivey on Friday who said the state wants as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

APR's Pat Duggins

The University of Alabama is the next spot to offer COVID-19 vaccinations starting today. The Tuscaloosa campus has 3,500 doses of the Moderna product, which was approved after the vaccine created by Pfizer. The shots will be administered on an ongoing schedule of Fridays and weekends.

Dr. Richard Friend is Dean at the college. He saic he wants to start with full doses to people who are particularly at risk from the virus.



Health officials in Alabama are asking for patience as the COVID-19 vaccine is slowly rolled out throughout the state. 

Vaccines are being prioritized for health care workers and long-term care residents, but health officer Scott Harris said the state expects to make the shots available to more people soon.

So far 42,000 shots had been administered out of the state's allotment of 226,000.



Alabama veterans will be among the first in the state to receive the coronavirus vaccine. 

The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs said residents and staff at the Bill Nichols State Veterans Home in Alexander City will receive the first round of the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday. The three other state veterans' homes will administer vaccines over the next two weeks.

The Alabama Department of Public Health isn’t saying which three hospitals got the first shipments of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for security sake. 

Cullman Regional Medical Center says it will start giving shots today.

Vaccinations begin in Alabama as COVID-19 cases soar

Dec 15, 2020

Vaccinations for the coronavirus are starting to arrive in Alabama after the state hit record numbers of cases and hospitalizations. 

A nurse from the Cullman Regional Medical Center received an initial dose of the two-step vaccine on Tuesday, one day after it arrived to the hospital.

More hospitals will continue to provide vaccinations, firstly to front-line health care workers.

Over 300,000 people in Alabama have had COVID-19 and more than 4,120 Alabamians have died from it.

Alabama loosens licensing rules for doctors as virus rages

Dec 15, 2020

Out-of-state doctors will now have an easier time working in Alabama amidst the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine.

Two medical boards decided to let physicians from other states and Canada seek temporary emergency licenses to work in the state. 

The Alabama Hospital Association reported staff shortages due to an inadequate number of beds and lack of staff members to treat patients because they are also falling ill. 

The announcement was made Monday when initial shipment of 41,000 doses of vaccine started arriving in Alabama.